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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Ozark Production Services?

Ozark Product Services is located in Northwest Arkansas. 

Please contact us at 530-515-0424 or 870-577-2901

What is Ozark Production Services?

We provide specialized technicians, general stagehands, and event consulting for any type of large-scale live event production including concerts and festivals, theatrical productions & corporate meetings and conferences. 

Why should I use Ozark Production Services?

We provide efficient, reliable, and thoughtful event support with integrity, thoroughness, safety and patience.  Every great live event experience begins and ends behind the scenes. Let us give you a hand.

What services does Ozark Production Services provide?

Specialized Technicians - Whether your event is a small corporate meeting with keynote speakers or a theatrical presentation or a multi-artist music festival with thousands attending, every event needs people power to make it happen.  Our technician crews include: Audio, Video, Projection, Rigging, Loaders, Special Effects, Logistics, Carpenters, Lighting, and D├ęcor.    

General Stagehand Crews - will move equipment, packing/unpacking/setup of equipment, load and unload trucks and other general labor services.  

Event Consulting – we offer logistics consulting for live event productions from overall event planning to specific areas.  Ozark Production Services can assist you in the planning stages of your production or live event and help you create the balance between your budget and your needs. 

What areas does Ozark Production Services serve?

We serve all Northwest Arkansas and Southern Missouri.

Who started Ozark Production Services?

Founded and led by two major event producers with over 85 years of combined experience we have skilled lighting technicians, audio technicians, video technicians, riggers and general stagehands to ensure any event runs smoothly.  Along with our crews, our vast experience in live event planning and management can help you create and ensure a great experience for your live event attendees.   

Who are Ozark Production Services current customers?

We work directly and indirectly with corporations, venues and organizations through out the area including:

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Bluewater Technologies

Vista Productions

How do I request a proposal for an upcoming production event?

Send your request to or call 530-515-0424

Does Ozark Product Services have any job openings for stagehands?

We are hiring in Northwest Arkansas for general and specialized stagehands for upcoming live events such as large-scale concerts or meetings. 

How do I apply for the stagehand positions in Northwest Arkansas?

Please send your resume to

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